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We offer remote services to help you build up your immune systems health in mind, body, and spiritual energy.

Your DNA,  ATP, Nitric Oxide, chakra, and anything else you can think of. Over 40,000 programs to analyze your cells.

Star Trek transporters are coming and so is freedom from disease.

Remote Services, Try a health evaluation FREE!  

How do we do this? We use quantum physics. In space there is no time, but there is Either, Celestial Energy, or Dark Energy. It just so happens they are different names, but are all the same thing. This medium flows or exists in space and in all galaxies, their solar systems etc. Everything vibrates, all living and non-living things. Albert Einstein said; the law of nature says everything has a vibration.  There is agreement among science, medicine and metaphysics that certain frequencies can repel disease, and certain frequencies can destroy disease. Herein is the link between frequency (vibration) and health. Everything in nature vibrates at different frequencies. In fact quantum physics describes the universe as nothing more than vibrating strings of energy! Scientific research has shown that different parts of our bodies have their own sonic signature. In other words the sound of the cells of your heart differs from the sound of the cells of your Lungs and that is so with every organ of the body.

You have 70-90 Trillion cells in your body. They are vibrating, giving off a frequency. Everyone’s DNA is unique, because everything about you is in your DNA. Not just your body’s structure, but your ancestry including the minerals of the ground, water, and food you eat. You send me at least 5 finger nail clippings and my machine can identify you and contact your DNA cells instantly even if you were on another planet at the time.

Spooky, isn’t it. That is what Albert Einstein said. That is why my machine is called the “Spooky2”. This is an experiential machine not approved by the FDA although it is used in almost every country in the world. Experiment and satisfy a curiosity. 

Using your DNA, it can tell you how healthy you are by telling you if you have a disease, parasites, bacteria, mold, fungus, or virus. It identifies them by comparing their frequency to a table of known frequencies. Every piece of you has a different frequency, from the top of your head to your toes. There are multi-millions of frequencies for every animal, plant, and insect on this planet and most likely every planet.  

Everyone has a health problem; you just don’t know what it is. Find out ($50 value) for FREE!

1. Put your four or five fingernails on a sticker. Then use another sticker to cover it. Write a name on the second sticker. You can use masking or surgical tape, notadhesive or duct tape.

Inserting DNA-1

Inserting DNA-3

3. I will open the remote and put in your fingernails.

Put medium 1 inch long x ½ wide lock of hair or 4 plus nail clippings in a 6 inch envelope and seal it. Write your name and Address on the outside along with your Phone number and Email address. Then put this in a 10 inch envelope, mail this to:

Light Therapy Services

Suite 2

5 Longkill Road

Ballston Lake, NY 12019

If you live in the neighborhood you can put it in our secured mail box. Our location is the white building to the left of Stewards at 5 Longkill Road. If you approach Longkill from Ushers Road, at the red light make a left and a sharp right into the parking lot. Open top of mail box, suite 2 and leave your letter. 

Check out and download the software answering no to the generators. It will load the software and you can browse the Programs tab for more than 5,000 programs. 

Our three businesses share a suite of offices for unique one on one experience in mind, body and spiritual services.

Light Therapy Services, all light frequencies sent remotely 

Light Therapy for effects of Chemo, Neuropathy, Lyme, and speed up wound healing

Health Evaluation using your DNA offering online services 

Energy Balancing using your DNA as requested by you

We put Light Therapy or any energy frequencies in a bottle of seltzer or your

  Crystals or Charms

Educational speaker on photons, frequencies, quantum physics, dark energy


Freedom Thru Hypnosis offers online services

5 Path Master Hypnotist

7 Path Self-Hypnosis Instructor 

Adirondack Journey Inwards, only services online currently available.

Reiki Master

Life Coach

Physic Medium

We prefer not to make one on one contact until COVIL-19 is under control.  May you all stay healthy until then.