Information for Diabetics

  Clinical research update: New study links REDUCED microcirculation with extremity pain in Diabetics.


A recent study published this August, 2013 in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics has confirmed the relationship between diabetes and impaired microcirculation noting that, “Skin microvascular reactivity on lower extremities (LE) and upper extremities (UE) was reduced in those with diabetes, compared with patients without.”

It is because of this deficit that patients with diabetes are at risk for multiple health complications including debilitating pain, balance deficiencies, and falls. At Light Therapy Services, we have developed a comprehensive program to treat patients who have shown such signs of complications. 

One component of our program is Anodyne® Infrared Therapy, an FDA cleared infrared therapy device, supported by an overwhelming evidence-base of 19 published clinical studies. We use this modality to increase microcirculation, and reduce pain and stiffness in the extremities in identified patients, helping to address a key underlying pathophysiological complication of their disease process.

We compliment the use of Anodyne® Infrared Therapy with your Doctor’s prescription for physical therapy, balance and strengthening exercises to create a comprehensive program that results in significant patient outcomes for the endpoints of pain, balance and return of protective sensation, all with high reports of patient satisfaction.

Treatment recommendations for this innovative program are 3 weekly sessions for approximately 4 weeks. Patients with diabetes don’t need to continue to suffer when an alternative is available! Please call us at (518) 526-5012 to obtain more information or schedule an in-service.   

Statistics show when you have one amputation you may die in five years and when you have a second amputation you may only live one more year.  Extend your life and seek treatment. A home visit service charge is $30 per visit plus session charge.


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