Ethic Statement


Ethic Statement written by owners/operators of Light Therapy Services.

Our practice is governed by a set of self-determined ethical standards and values which signify our philosophy for providing light therapy services. It is our 

foremost aspirations to demonstrate these values in every way possible throughout 

our professional endeavors.

We will provide each and every client with a focused approach to delivering the benefits of light therapy. Our goal is to maximize the health and wellness of each of our clients.

We believe that every person should play an active role in improving and maintaining their own good health. We will educate each client concerning the importance of taking personal responsibility for their health.

As wellness providers, we will serve each client with humility. We will accept persons of all walks of life with a variety of conditions and treat each individual with the dignity and respect that every person deserves.

We believe that one’s physical well-being is greatly influenced by the environment in which he or she resides. We will strive to make the environment of our practice emotionally supportive, physically clean and safe, and a place where we can aid every client’s progress toward improving wellness.

To achieve and maintain our light therapy certification, we are required to stay current with training and education. It is our intentions to meet or exceed these requirements because the result will benefit our clients.