The History of Light Therapy


2000 B.C. – Chinese practiced color healing

1500 B.C. – Ancient Egyptians; temples for healing using crystals & sunlight. Cures found explaining ailments and colors that were remedies 

600 B.C. – Ayurvedic Physician, Charaka; healing using sunlight 

400 B.C. – Aristotle; Proposed that “Light travels in waves” 

300 B.C. – Euclid of Alexandria; Theory of Light 

965 A.D. – Alhazen; Scientific Work – Optics and provided the basis for European Optical Research 

1253 – Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Oxford; Wrote Cosmogony of Light: All matter is light 

1619 – Descartes; Theory was that light was motion later called, “The Wave Theory of Light” 

1700 – Isaac Newton; Dissecting Light-Body of Light, discovered white light had all colors, demonstrated through a triangular prism 

1858 – Max Planck; First to suggest – Light=Photons=Energy. Started Quantum Theory 

1860 – Michael Faraday; Modern ‘Field’ Theory 

1876 – Augustus Pleasanton; Blue Light – relax glands, nervous system, organs 

1878 – Edwin Babbitt; Developed Chromadisc for delivering light to the body 

1887 – Seth Pancoast; Red light to stimulate and Blue light to relax the autonomic nervous system 

1890 – Nils Finsen; UV Light – Won Nobel Prize 1903 for using light therapy to cure lupus vulgaris 

1920s – Royal RIFE; Polarized light and frequencies for bacteria, virus 

1920s – Dinshah Ghadiali; Developed Spectrachrome and Tonation system for delivering light to the body. Women’s issues 

1920s – Harry Spitler; Developed 19 Syntonic Principles or effects of light on body & mind. His system delivered light through the eyes 

1930 – Dr. Auguste Rollier; TB, Ulcers with Sunlight 

1940 – Emmitt Knott; UV Blood irradiation 

1950s – Dr. Paul Nogier, MD; Nogier’s Frequencies based on the base Note of D and subsequent harmonics 

1960Russian Space Agency; Cosmonauts, Sleep, Bones, Muscles 

1967 – Endre Mester; Laser therapy on skin ulceration 

1972 – Dr. Thomas Dougherty; Light and color therapy on cancer 

1974 – Fritz Albert Popp; Biophoton Field 

1980s – Semmelweis University, Budapest; Mice, Cancer, Cells 

1980 – Marta Fenyo; Immune system, Cellular, Acne 

1983 – Veterinary Medicine; Return of light therapy to North America, used on horses. 

1987 – Theo Gimbel; Color Therapy 

1989 – Tiina Karu; Cellular, DNA, numerous light therapy studies 

1990 – Stephen Vasquaz, PhD; Psychotherapy 

1997 – Mary Bolles; Autistic, Dyslexic children 

1998 – A.K. Gupta; Leg Ulcers 

1998 – T.L. Thomassen; Tendonitis, Myofascial Pain 

1998 – Dr. Kira Samoilova; Laser & UV light for cleaning blood 

2000 – NASA, Marshall Space Center; Hard to heal wounds, burns, ulcers, musculoskeletal injuries, human growth tissue, etc. 

1990 to Present – Light Therapy World Trials; Pain, Burns, Wounds, Ulcers, Well-Being

TODAY – Harvard Medical School; Cellular Communication with light, Bio photons. NASA including blue and red spectrum lights in panels to help balance the astronaut's issues of insomnia.

Resource; The Quantum Academies on Light Therapy


The increasing of the circulation Brings food faster to the cells which in turn use it to create more cells (cells can be created any place in the body, even the brain). The increase in the circulation also opens up veins that improve circulation feeding the nerves thus reducing pain.  Blue light kills bacteria and improves wound healing. Infrared light also does a better job of wound healing.

NASA & Red-light Therapy


Red-light therapy, and research into its anti-aging effects, was first carried out by NASA.  In the early 1990's a NASA sponsored research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  They worked to develop a plant growth chamber using Near Infrared Light Technology experiments on the space shuttle missions.  Over the years that (NIRLT)-Red-light Therapy technology has been in use in the medical fields.  With the help of NASA and its medical partners they have been able to take a space technology and adapt it for an entirely different application to significantly help people here on Earth.  (NIR) Near Infra Red light at 880 nm was used to aid the growing of plants in space. They found that while testing red light the astronauts benefited vastly by being exposed to this light also. Clinical treatment trials into collagen red light therapy soon followed in the USA and across much of Europe; finding that Red-light is a powerful tool that assists your body in healing. 

Clinical studies have been conducted and found that glowing red-light, has been proven to aid in the healing of human wounds, burns, diabetic skin ulcers and oral mucositis, a symptom of chemotherapy, in association with cancer patients undergoing bone marrow or stem cell transplants and specifically with pediatric brain tumors being treated with chemotherapy.  Through other studies red-light therapy has shown that this treatment increases collagen and elastin, creating fuller and tighter skin, speeding up the healing process, increasing ATP production, reducing sun spots, boosting the immune system and improving the circulatory system promoting nerve health and much more! 

Red-light, known as visible light, contains no UVA or UVB. The use of red-light therapy at 633nm, has no significant risk and is completely safe.  Red-light penetrates tissue to a depth of 8-10 mm, delivering energy to stimulate a response from the body to heal itself. 

Turn Back the Clock


Laboratory studies show that skin cells grow 150-200 percent faster when exposed to certain light wavelengths, and research has shown red-light delivers powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissue. This NIR (invisable near infrared light) penetrates to the dermis level of your skin stimulating the production of collagen.

With collagen red-light therapy treatments your skin is now nourished by your own body.  That produces more collagen and thus fills the fine lines and wrinkles. Red-light therapy will cause your skin to become smoother and younger looking naturally, hence the anti-aging effects. Red-light therapy is also healthier as a treatment overall, and you will see a better skin tone and feel.

Red-light Collagen Therapy is found to help with many collagen aging effects as well as treating acne, healing of wounds, scar tissue and many other skin, joint and muscle problems.  Red-light therapy also helps anti-aging skin rejuvenation by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin deep in the skin eliminating fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, Rosacea and 

Reduces scars and pigmentation marks.  It is also used to treat many other conditions not related to skin care, such as pain relief, sprains, burns, liver spots, and other skin blemishes associated with aging, with outstanding results! The results can be a more youthful look to you and your friends. 

In short, this collaboration between NASA and commercial companies has spurred innovation that is touching millions of lives on Earth for the better.  A great non-invasive alternative to Botox and Collagen Injections, Cosmetic Surgery,   

Microrem abrasion, and other painful procedures that have a recovery process.  The healing power of red-light is available to you!  Why limit the treatment to your face?  Increase circulation and reduce pain anywhere on your body.