What is Light Therapy? A Drug Free Solution!


What Does Light Therapy Do?

Low-level light therapy, or LLLT, increases circulation to reduces acute or chronic pain. It may sound simple, but the act of increasing your circulation supports your innate healing processes. Scientific effects of increased circulation include:

Cell stimulation that leads to pain relief and tissue healing

Cell reproduction, creating new cells or clonning dying cells any place in your body

Improved muscle performance and mental clarity

Decreased swelling from injuries Detoxifying effects

What is the difference between red, blue, and infrared light.

Every colored light has a different wavelength. Just as our cells know how to use different wavelengths from the sun our cells are built to absorb these 3 colors and use them each for different benefits. Polychromatic light therapy, or multi-colored light therapy, triggers cellular function to promote the body’s innate healing ability.

Blue light therapy: Contains antimicrobial properties, making it useful for skin care and wound healing.

Red light therapy: Triggers an increase in circulation.

Infrared light therapy: Reaches deeper tissues like muscle, tendons and ligaments.

These three lights combined create the InLight Medical laser pain relief system.

1. InLight products provide gentle, pulsing LED light wavelengths that work to increase circulation and reduce pain. Although gentle, silent and cool to the touch, low-level light therapy is naturally effective on a cellular level. And unlike painkillers, not only does light therapy reduce pain; it also addresses the underlying condition by stimulating the body’s innate healing abilities.

2. Some clients seek Light Therapy after being diagnosed by a licensed medical practitioner. We do not diagnose. Light Therapy can benefit clients with symptoms associated with the following conditions. 

Neck pain

Back Pain

Leg pain

Shoulder pain

Knee pain

Ankle problems


Inflammation and swelling

Bone spurs

Bone fractures



Carpal tunnel

Tennis elbow

Healing wounds

Peripheral neuropathy

Tight muscles



Skin rejuvenation, Psoriasis. Eczema, etc. 


Stimulates hair folic growth

and much more


Low-level light therapy addresses many other symptoms associated with other conditions, and offers a wealth of additional healthy benefits that support full-body wellness. Light therapy has a wide range of applications for pain relief to overall wellbeing. Previously, light therapy was often done in professional medical clinic settings. Today, InLight is bringing the benefits of low-level light therapy to you in our office with high-quality LED light therapy devices. Drug-free pain relief is possible with LED light therapy. Light therapy is completely natural and effective, and comes with no known side effects. Low-level light therapy begins increasing circulation in just 20 minutes and the effects last for several hours after treatment. Light therapy has been shown to decrease pain associated with common conditions such as arthritis, neck and back and knee pain, inflammation, swelling. Unlike pain killers, low-level light therapy also stimulates your body’s natural self-healing abilities, helping to significantly reduce symptoms over time. Low-level light therapy is called “low-level” because it’s noninvasive, painless and cool to the touch. Although gentle and silent, with infrared being invisible to the human eye, light therapy is naturally effective. Cells beneath the skin absorb the light energy, similar to the way plants absorb sunlight from the atmosphere. This activates the body’s natural healing response.

We offer DRUG FREE SOLUTIONS to improve your health and wellness. Anodyne and In Light Professional Therapy equipment are available to reduce your pain and increase your circulation. 

Structured Water, Our own PHOTON WATER  

What is Structured Water?  

While it’s a fact that the drinking water on our planet becomes more polluted as our population grows, we can now program our water to improve our health. Traditionally, light therapy has been used to increase circulation and reduce pain. Recently, science has shown us that the benefits of light therapy can be infused into our structured water. 

According to emerging theories, “structured water” is created by nature from babbling brooks, wild streams and fast moving rivers which cause the water to swirl and be smashed into rocks, becoming compressed. This causes the water to absorb frequencies both from its motion and from the photons which are the essence of light. We can mechanically clean and process water with reverse osmoses and by filtering it. We can swirl the water through various pipe sizes and have it crash down from heights under great pressure, mimicking nature. The process is culminated when sodium is added to make a solution that is comparable to water in the human body. This allows the structured water to hold more energy in the form of photons and diverse frequencies. My structured water is called STRUCTURED PHOTON WATER “©”.

The theory is that structured water molecules held within our cells might have a higher level of electrical charges in a specific order that helps our cells function. When water in the molecules of human cells is optimally charged, this can potentially impact how the muscles and tissue throughout the body responds. 

Tap water can be contaminated with various farm or industrial pollutants and toxins leading to high tap water toxicity and abnormal estrogen levels. Pollutants change the structure of water and diminish its healing benefits.

Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington is one of the leading authorities on structured water. After studying water science and technologies for more than a decade, he believes that water is profoundly impacted by light and heat-generating sources found in nature. This impact changes the molecular composition of the water. 

While research is still limited and inconclusive, structured water might have an optimal pH that is crucial to health and a specific power source that helps us stay maximally hydrated. Because of the many roles that water and hydration have in the body, 

Dr. Pollack believes that structured water provides the following benefits:

· Improves the immune system 

· Increases energy levels

  Aids digestion and regularity

  Increases enzymes that help with nutrient absorption

  Improves concentration

  Aids muscle contractions

  Improves moods

  Aids sleep 

  Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  Increases respiration

  Increases endurance

  Aids weight management

  Improves kidney and liver health

  Improves joint health

Just a few years ago scientists found out and have proven “WATER HAS MEMORY” and when treated with LED Light Therapy, (Photobiomodulation) the water retains light photons and frequencies for a long time if the temperature is kept under 39 degrees, but above freezing, and/or even under pressure. Light therapy has the following benefits:

· It can increase circulation any place in the body including the brain

· Reduces pain in the body and can ease arthritic pain

· LED light promotes enzymes to heal wounds faster than normal including a non-healing diabetic skin ulcers and second    degree burns

· Relieves allergy systems

· Stimulates cells to multiply by increasing Mitochondria, ATP, and Nitric Oxide

· Rejuvenates the skin. 

You can purchase this form of Light Therapy for $25 per quart bottle. Drinking just 8oz per day, this 1 quart will last you for four days or 4 sessions at $35 each. A great savings to you. That is on a 24 hour basis. Light therapy can last 12-16 hours after a session. The optimum time to drink it is between dinner and bedtime. A high intensity session is given in our office every other day for wound healing, because the body needs a longer period of tim, 12-16 hours, to use up the photons acquired by light therapy.

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